Enhance the Impact of Your Webinars with Innovative 3D Experiences

Take your webinar to another dimension

Vcity webinars are a revolution in the way you connect with your audience. Unlike traditional methods, our webinars are immersive, interactive, and highly customizable. They immerse you in a 3D world where you can interact with your audience in real-time and present your content dynamically.

Goodbye to one-way presentations and boring conferences. With Vcity, your webinars transform into innovative experiences that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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Why to organize webinars?

Webinars are a great tool that enables businesses to reach several goals, such as 

  • Generate leads and brand customer loyalty.
  • Monetize your content.
  • Present novelties that add value to your customers and audience.
  • Speed-up your sales process.

Monetize your webinar

Use webinars to do business with your content

  • Sell participation tickets
  • Offer sponsorships
  • Sell your products and services
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Offer interactive advertising spaces to other companies in your webinar room. In these spaces, sponsors can share information about their products and services.

Promote your products and services

Share information about your products and services with your audience through videos, images, photos, infographics, brochures, catalogs, and calls to action.

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Boost audience interaction

In Vcity webinars, interaction goes beyond presentations: participants can interact with each other, take photos, selfies, and communicate with fellow attendees, elevating your experience to the next level.

Track the performance of your webinar

Learn how your audience interacted during the webinar. Discover which products they engaged with the most and how they are segmented.

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Customized virtual experiences

Create a virtual environment that follows your business strategy, boost your brand and share info with your visitors in the ways you prefer. Decorate your webinar room at any time using materials, colors, effects and tools.

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Available in computers and mobile devices

Vcity technology enables people to easily enter your webinar without installing software and independently from the device they are using (mobile phone, computer, tablet).

Free Trial

We are confident that Vcity can revolutionize your webinars. Schedule a free trial and experience the future of 3D virtual webinars.

Start your journey towards more effective webinars today!

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