Trade events

Expand the reach of your events and generate more opportunities for your exhibitors and visitors.

Vcity: Redefining 3D Commercial Events

Explore the commercial event revolution with Vcity: we blend the physical and virtual in 3D fairs. Expand connections between exhibitors and visitors, offering previews, interactive booths, and webinars. Optimize your experience, broaden business horizons!

Enhance the Impact of your Physical Event

Expand the networking space and business opportunities between exhibitors and visitors. Provide additional dynamics to visitors, allowing them to preview which booths and products to explore, schedule meetings, and plan activities more effectively.

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Interactive customizable stands

The customizable booths feature interactive screens that allow exhibitors to share videos, photos, presentations, catalogs, brochures, calls to action, and any other files they wish to share.

Create customized showrooms

Create customized pavilions in Vcity where visitors and exhibitors can interact at booths, conference sites, and networking spaces. Tailor your experience according to your planned strategy. Decorate your pavilion whenever you want using materials, colors, effects, and tools.

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Interaction between visitors and exhibitors

Visitors and exhibiting companies can use various tools to communicate:

  • Live Streams: Real-time product and service demonstrations from interactive booths. 
  • Real-time Chats: Voice interaction between visitors and exhibitors to discuss the advantages, benefits, and values of showcased products and services. 
  • Chat: Written communication between visitors and exhibitors for sharing information, images, files, GIFs, and reactions. 
  • Video Calls: Video interaction between visitors and exhibitors. 
  • Email: Exhibitors can provide calls to action for visitors to write emails.

Conferences and talks

Broadcast conferences and talks in the 3D pavilion of your trade event, where visitors from around the world can view them.

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Analytics and statistics

Track the performance of your trade event and let exhibitors companies know which products, services and business units are the most relevant for visitors.

Available in computers and mobile devices

Thanks to vcity's technology, anyone can easily access the event without installing programs, regardless of the device they use, whether it's a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

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