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10 jun 2024 8:16 pm

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Medium-sized virtual store where you can elevate your sales experience by showcasing up to 21 products on interactive screens, captivating your customers with up to 2 products modeled in 3D, and hosting events and webinars to promote your brand.

Price: $20 USD / month

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What can I do in my interactive virtual store?

Sell your products and services

Transform your virtual store into a unique sales channel, offering your customers an innovative and immersive shopping experience they will love.

Generate quotations

In addition to enabling an immersive shopping experience, we also facilitate the process of real-time product and service quoting, ideal for when you are selling products whose price may vary depending on certain features.

Manage your business

Understanding the importance of efficient management, at vcity we offer centralized management where you can keep track of your quotations and purchase orders.

Real-time interaction

Provide your customers with exceptional personalized attention, resolving their questions instantly and maximizing their satisfaction. At vcity, we provide you with advanced tools such as real-time chat, voice communication, and live presentations. With these features, you can provide an unmatched customer service experience, ensuring that each interaction is efficient and memorable.

Omnipresent store

Expand your business globally! Allow customers from around the world to discover and purchase your products from any device with an internet connection, without limits or borders.

Capture your customers' attention and outperform your competitors by presenting your products in an immersive and innovative way. |
Capture your customers' attention and outperform your competitors by presenting your products in an immersive and innovative way.

Immersive Experience

Transform the way you present your products with an immersive virtual store where your customers can explore, interact, and experience your products in a completely new way. Contact vcity at to place your 3D products in your virtual store.

Multimedia Content

Enhance your customers' shopping experience by displaying immersive videos, striking graphics, captivating presentations, and interactive 3D models of your products.

Organize events and webinars in your store at no additional cost |
Organize events and webinars in your store at no additional cost

Promote Your Brand with Events and Webinars

In your virtual store, you will have the opportunity to organize dynamic events and webinars that will not only attract new customers and leads but also allow them to deeply understand your products and services. These interactive events will create new and valuable business opportunities, taking your brand to the next level.


Transform your virtual store into a perfect reflection of your brand: customize colors, materials, logos, products, information, and designs to stand out and captivate your customers.

There's More!

Subscribe today and transform your business with vcity! You will not only obtain an innovative and immersive virtual environment but also a complete and functional page where you can:

  • Sell and generate quotes for your products, services, and collections. 
  • Create events and webinars that will capture your customers' attention. 
  • Manage all your quotes and purchase orders efficiently. 
  • Set up your business to maximize its potential in the virtual world.

Do not miss the opportunity to take your company to the next level with vcity. Start now and experience the difference!

Discover the Full Potential of vcity with Our Personalized Support

Upon your purchase, the vcity team will contact you through the email you provide us with. We will offer a personalized introduction and a full tutorial on how to use all the innovative tools of vcity. Our goal is to ensure you make the most of every functionality to amaze and delight your customers.

How Does the Subscription Work?

Simplify your experience with us! Our monthly subscription, which offers access to all our amazing services, is securely and efficiently managed through a payment link from ePayco, one of the most important and reliable payment gateways in Colombia. With ePayco, you can be sure that your payments will be quick, easy, and completely secure.

Maintain Control of Your Subscription at vcity

We know your needs may change, and we want you to have total control over your experience with vcity. If at any time you decide to cancel your subscription, you just need to send us an email at informing us of your decision.

Upon doing so, your virtual store and your organization's page will no longer be accessible, but you will retain the option to reactivate your subscription in the future and continue from where you left off.

If you prefer to start over, you can also choose to delete all your information from vcity. Should you decide to subscribe again, you will be able to start with a blank slate, creating a completely new and personalized experience.

Want a Demonstration?

Schedule a personalized demonstration with our team and discover how our platform can revolutionize your business. During the session, we will resolve all your doubts and show you the incredible tools and possibilities that vcity has to offer. See firsthand how we can help you achieve your goals before making your purchase!

Schedule a demonstration here:

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