Identipol QA2

11 may 2023

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The identiPOL QA2 laboratory equipment is an essential tool for any company that cares about the quality of their thermoplastics. Developed by Lacerta Technologies, this quality control equipment quickly evaluates the quality of thermoplastics that are going into the process, such as PE, PP, among others.

With identiPOL QA2, you can easily determine whether a material is, for example, ABS, PE, PP, among many others in the range of plastics. This process takes less than 15 minutes and its results are reliable, allowing you to save time and money.

In addition, identiPOL QA2 allows you to create a database of information about the materials used in your company. This is especially useful for comparing the quality of the same material produced at different times or to verify if the quality and characteristics of a material purchased from a supplier remain constant over time.

The identiPOL QA2 equipment is reliable and fast. It provides values of important properties in the characterization of materials, such as the Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) and the Degradation Temperature (Tm). Plus, you can get the QIS value, an indicator developed in conjunction with the University of Bristol to determine the similarities of the results of different samples and whether they pass or fail the tests for their use in the production line.

In summary, the identiPOL QA2 laboratory equipment is a smart investment for any company that cares about the quality of their thermoplastics. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.