Sinergia 2022

16 nov 2022 13:00 - 18 nov 2022 22:00

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Welcome to Sinergia 2022!

Sinergia 2022 is a 3D virtual event that introduces the offers and products of leading and high-value companies in the supply of raw materials, process equipment, laboratory equipment and technical assistance to companies in the plastic and cable sector in Latin America, as an alternative solutions to the challenges it has in the different parts of its supply chain in one place.

Sinergia is a business exhibition of unique suppliers, which together complement a whole portfolio of goods and services to provide the plastics and cable industry, where visitors can find useful alternatives for their visitors.

There will be the participation of companies from the USA, Germany, Turkey, India, China, Italy and Latin America.

Thanks to 3D technology, during the event, you will have access to a wide range of possibilities for interaction with the sales teams of the exhibiting companies, as well as with the information that they will make available in different formats, such as videos, images, infographics, links to web pages and downloadable files that you can save on your device (including brochures and catalogs).


Exhibitor profile

  • Plastic and rubber extruders
  • Laboratory extrusion lines
  • Complementary extrusion accessories
  • Cable processing equipment and machines
  • Drawing machines and lubricants and drawing dies
  • Mixers and coolers
  • C-UV Camera
  • Metal coils
  • Testing equipment: dynamometers, flame, acidity, mechanical, thermal, electrical, LOI, MFI, rheometers, age.
  • Raw materials (dyes; waxes; foaming agents; stabilizers; antioxidants; purge additives; calcium carbonate; carbon black; copper and aluminum wire rod; steel wires and cables; metallic and non-metallic tapes; wires for shielding and galvanizing).

Visitor profile

  • Electrical cable manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of PVC and polyolefin pipes
  • Plastic profiles
  • Plastic films for packaging
  • Hose
  • Caps and injected parts
  • Masterbatch factories
  • Compositors
  • Plastic boxes and batteries
  • Manufacturers of chairs, tables and plastic parts for residential use
  • Manufacturers of plastic plates for housing.
  • Packages
  • Electronic parts
  • Toys



Sinergia 2022 will be held virtually at the Sinergia 2022 hall, created exclusively by vcity for the event. There you will find all the stands, conference venues and staff from the participant companies.



At Sinergia 2022 you will interact with participant companies and other visitors as a 3D customizable avatar. 

You will be able to interact with the staff of the participating companies using different communication tools, as well as having the possibility to interact with the stands by watching videos, downloading brochures and catalogues, seeing images, attending conferences, reading infographics and visiting websites full of interesting information.


We welcome you on November 16 and 17 from 8:00 am (UTC -5)

Opening Hours

8:00 Bogotá, Quito, Lima, México D.F.

8:00 Miami, New York

10:00 São Paulo, Santiago, Buenos Aires

15:00 Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome

16:00 Moscow, Istanbul

18:30 New Delhi

21:00 Beijing, Shanghai



16 nov 2022 13:00 - 18 nov 2022 22:00



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