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Created 11 oct 2022Updated 24 nov 2022


Your business in other dimension

Why to have a virtual salesroom?

  • Attend to your website visitors and give them advice about how your products and services can solve their issues and generate value.
  • Capitalize your marketing efforts to bring visitors to your website by making contact with them.
  • Showcase your products and services to your visitors by sharing videos, images, catalogues, blogs and links to websites.
  • Boost your sales process.

Interact with your visitors the way you prefer 

At vcity, we have created some communication tools so you can interact and attend to your visitors in different ways.

  • Live transmissions. Make product and service demonstrations in real time from your facilities. 
  • Real time conversations. Communicate with your visitors using your voice, so you can quickly attend to them, give advice about your products and services portfolio and answer to their questions.
  • Chat. Communicate with your visitors by chat and send them brochures, catalogues or other sales documents that are not available in the salesroom.
  • Videocall. Talk to your visitors in a more private and close way.
  • Email. Your visitors will be able to contact you by email through interactive screens. 

Make real time demonstrations of your product and service portfolio

Use live transmission tool in your salesroom to make demonstrations of your products and services in real time, so your visitors can see how they work and what benefits and advantages they have.

This tool is useful if you want to organize webinars or conferences to present your products and services. Webinars and conferences are a good idea to generate leads and build customer loyalty.

Share info about your products and services in the format of your preference

Share info about your products and services with your visitors through interactive screens in the format of your preference:

  • Videos. Show how your product or service work, what special features it has, what benefits it can offer. Videos are a good tool to improve. Videos are a good tool to increase trust from visitors.
  • Pictures. Share pictures of your product or service so the visitors can know it better. Take advantage of pictures to catch attention from them and invite them to do an action.
  • Infographics. Expose data and facts in a simple way to present the benefits and advantages of your product or service.<br>
  • Websites. Offer more info to your visitors by sharing blogs or websites. Invite your visitors to do an action, such as buy something or follow an account in social networks.
  • Downloadable files. Share catalogues, brochures or sales documents with your visitors through interactive screens.

Interactive screens are self-served, so you will be able to change its content whenever you want.

Track your performance

Follow closely your virtual salesroom performance with our analytics tool.

Find out with which product lines, products, SKU, services or formats visitors interact the most.

Discover how your visitors are segmented so you can find out insights and relevant info that may help you craft new communication and interaction strategies.

Customized virtual experiences

Create your own salesroom at vcity, giving place to customized environments that follow your business strategy, boost your brand and share info with your visitors in the ways you prefer.

Besides, you will be able to change your salesroom decoration at any time using materials, colors, effects and tools.

Technological advantages for your visitors

Vcity's technology allows your visitors to enter your salesroom from computers and mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets) without installing any software or program, so your visitors can enter easily.

Vcity is available in several languages ¡Hola! Hello! Salut!

Vcity is available in several languages so your visitors from around the world can interact with our platform and your salesroom. At the moment, our platform is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

We are working on the last details to make available the following languages:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Simplified chinese (used mainly in the People's Republic of China)
  • Traditional chinese (used mainly in Taiwan)
  • Russian

Ask for a demo and get ready to take your business to other dimension

Email us at to watch in a demo the benefits that salesroom will give to your business.