Virtual Showrooms

Improve your business online presence, provide your customers a better shopping experience and reach a wider audience

Why to have a virtual showroom?

Tired of boring online shopping sites that offer a generic and impersonal experience? Do you want to offer your customers a unique experience where your company can quickly and personally attend to their needs? With Vcity's Virtual Showrooms, it's now possible!

Our cutting-edge platform allows you to interact with your customers in real-time, offering them personalized and efficient attention at all times. Whether they need help finding a specific product or have questions about a service or project, you'll be able to answer their inquiries and effectively meet their needs, increasing customer satisfaction and generating greater loyalty.

In Vcity's Virtual Showrooms, you'll also have the ability to conduct webinars, presentations, and live marketing content, allowing your customers to interact and engage with your brand, increasing their knowledge and loyalty.

At Vcity, we're committed to the success of your business and want to help you achieve your goals. Are you ready to take the next step and take your company to another dimension? Join the Virtual Showroom revolution of Vcity and transform the way your company interacts with its customers!

Interact with your customers

  • Live transmissions. Make product and service demonstrations in real time.
  • Real time conversations. Attend to your customers by communicate with them using your voice.
  • Chat. Communicate with your customers by text.
  • Videocall. Talk with your customers in a more private way.
  • Email. Your customers will be able to contact you when you are not present in your virtual showroom.

Make real time demonstrations of your products and services

Make demonstrations of your products and services in real time, so your visitors can see how they work and what benefits and advantages they have.

This tool is useful if you also want to organize webinars or conferences to present your products and services. Webinars and conferences are a good idea to generate leads and build customer loyalty.

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Promote your products and services

In your virtual showroom, you will be able to showcase your products and services using:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Websites
  • Downloadable files

Interactive screens are self-served, so you will be able to change its content whenever you want.

Track your performance

Find out with which product lines, products, SKU, services or formats your customers interact the most.

Discover how your customers are segmented so you can find out insights and relevant info that may help you craft new communication and interaction strategies.

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Customized virtual experiences

Create a virtual showroom that follows your business strategy, boost your brand and share info with your visitors in the ways you prefer. Decorate your showroom at any time using materials, colors, effects and tools.

Available in computers and mobile devices

Vcity technology enables people to easily enter your virtual showroom right from your website and independently from the device they are using (mobile phone, computer, tablet).

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Ask for a demo

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We will shortly contact you to show you how vcity showroom work and all the benefits that vcity can offer you.

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