NOVOMA MAKİNA Extrusion Systems and Machines

NOVOMA MAKİNA Extrusion Systems and Machines



Novoma Makine Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, with a knowledge accumulation and experience of 35 years of machinery production experience entered into extrusion machine production with a new identity and name by being founded in 2011. In our production site of 2000 m2; we conduct the engineering and production of Standard Rubber Extruders, High-Performance Rubber Extruders, Haul-off, Haul-off Cutter Unit, Cooling Units, Product Stowing Units, Strip Feeder Units. From the first day, we have centered our development power on extrusion machines and we have become the first exporter in Turkey in this field. Besides this, in order to ensure better performance with design and high-capacity, we conduct R&D studies. With continuous and sustainable R&D, our technical office and engineers, we are able to provide professional service and after sales support towards any type of need. Our aim is to become a leading extrusion line manufacturer in the world.

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